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Admin June 2 2021

Connections between politics and the media


Over the past decades, politics has changed drastically distinct than it was in past. There can be numerous reasons for what caused this transition but one that continues to affect politics in the media. Mass media – print and electronic – has played a significant role in society as it is a fundamental source of information for the public.

Admin May 22, 2021

Women of Indian politics


Women's political contribution has occurred as a crucial element of the discourse around the approaching state elections in India. Even though it would appear that more women are contributing to electoral politics in India, there are numerous qualitative ways in which they are politically omitted. Whereas female representation in higher offices remains low. In particular, the female leaders at the state level lagged quite behind, prohibiting women from important seats of institutional power and decision-making.

Admin May 20, 2021

Is Educational qualification necessary for Politicians?


For any developing country, education is considered a significant element, it can play an important role in both human development or mechanical development. But when it comes to politicians in a country like India is it really necessary? As politicians are the people who make important decisions and are chosen to govern our country, don't you think Politicians should be people with high education because many leadership attributes are gained through education?

Admin May 16, 2021

Digital Media and its impact


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other names of applications would come to your mind when you hear the word 'digital media'. Digital media is more than photographs, stories and comment. It plays A significant role in today's marketing world whether it is promoting, advertising, or startup it can change the whole outlook of the business. Right through the beginning, Digital media has been sold as a nirvana of data collection, analysis, and measurement that would yield the most productive, optimized programs one could hope for. Nowadays the digital media landscape is more complicated than ever before. The continuous and rapid introduction of new platforms, tools, data sources, and media consumption devices (such as mobile devices and tablets) and hardcore competition has created an atmosphere that can make any marketer’s head spin.


Manish Singh (Heritage Institute Of Technology)

Election consultancy becoming a permanent feature of Indian election as the country has witnessed a positive impact of campaigning by these professionals. The clandestine nature of such firms makes it difficult to ascertain the exact moment of origin of this industry in India but it seems that this industry got its recognition for first time in 1930s in the United States. These political consultancy firms have gained a considerable popularity in public discourse. After working discreetly for a considerable amount of time, these firms have emerged from nothing to stake a claim as legitimate actors in the domain of electoral politics.

Deepak Jha April 01, 2020

Mordern era of politics

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We live in a very complex world today because there is no scope left to see things in isolation. Everything is connected especially in the field of politics. Therefore the leader is not able to deal with it because they have other governance issues to deal. The PR organisation help leader to focus on governance issues that would connect them with larger section of audience. For which PR have played larger role because they have the technique ideas - skilled force that help them to collect the content from ground so that right message would be delivered from the audience.

Future of election consultancy in India

Shilender sir (Principle Gujrat public School )

In the present day scenario, the social media is playing a vital role to influence not only the educated mass but the lower class too. The use of this media is going to increase leaps & bound.election campaign were held in the past, mostly amassing the people to hear the politicians will be a gone story. Instead the propaganda of political parties will be done mostly through social media. The educated mass shall be influenced through more analytical propaganda with help of graphs & video msgs, where as the lower class will be influenced through simple yet effective cutouts showing the pictures of the leader, certain events & simple points on future program of the party.

Uzma Jharkhand April 01, 2020

The best experience of my life

Uzma Jharkhand

Mesmerisingly my soothing journey began through the interview process indeed if anyone could define the moment When someone let's you calm down providing spacious comfort it was that Amit sir and Sonu Sir let me be so soft and peaceful all the day long. Then my journey of gaining knowledge and experience headed ahead, which was my first official meet at maple wood driving. Me being extremely vigilant and keeping in mind the brevity of this whole process went in there and had my audio chat that helped me inculcate new definition of what politics is and how the project system worked on the campaigns the election, powerful messages to be delivered through everything was extremely significant.