Mesmerisingly my soothing journey began through the interview process indeed if anyone could define the moment When someone let's you calm down providing spacious comfort it was that Amit sir and Sonu Sir let me be so soft and peaceful all the day long. Then my journey of gaining knowledge and experience headed ahead, which was my first official meet at maple wood driving. Me being extremely vigilant and keeping in mind the brevity of this whole process went in there and had my audio chat that helped me inculcate new definition of what politics is and how the project system worked on the campaigns the election, powerful messages to be delivered through everything was extremely significant. I learned how social media works on the ad campaigns, public speaking, motivating people and also about being efficient now when the next phase was on the verge.

They named seminars with wonderful speakers persuading me to learn the art of managing events like “Babulal se Baatcheet”.

Eventually Amit sir and Sonu Sir and all the team members compiled and took to the edge of data handling, transcription, call management and the most productive part of the field work and art of communication indeed motivated me to grab all the stuff. It was the most salient part of my entire journey till now to conduct my first own official meeting and that was Unforgettable. Apparently there was a lot of cohesion but to compile it down Short the most eye catching was “Janadesh Yatra “ which left me amazed and most important part being that, I was improving my Communication and improve the hindi content writing, listening, reading and much more... I'm so happy to be a part of political sampark.