In the present day scenario, the social media is playing a vital role to influence not only the educated mass but the lower class too. The use of this media is going to increase leaps & bound.

election campaign were held in the past, mostly amassing the people to hear the politicians will be a gone story. Instead the propaganda of political parties will be done mostly through social media. The educated mass shall be influenced through more analytical propaganda with help of graphs & video msgs, where as the lower class will be influenced through simple yet effective cutouts showing the pictures of the leader, certain events & simple points on future program of the party.

How pr agency’s change the election campaign
As we understand, the core competence of the political leaders is mainly the governance of the party policies. Inspite of having a very good vision, they may not really be good campaigners. This is where PR agencies come in to the picture. They play an important role in linking the political party with the election consultancy. This involves understanding the agenda of the party & getting it marketed through various platforms. They are a game changer. They are looking for the opportunity provided by the opponent party & try to capitalise the same in favour of their client party.

Eternal Law of Nature
Indian political consultants are fast becoming a permanent feature of the country's election campaigns. Humans are not made for the systems but systems are made for humans, therefore it's the eternal law of nature. Elections are the eminent parts of the riveting democracy. Political consultants would play a greater role in future as when related to that of expectations in the leading world. Conventional wisdom and academic scholarship on Indian politics suggest that most voters cast their vote in favour of political parties ,and not based on a consideration of the individual candidates. Interestingly, however, the services of political consultants continue to be demanded overwhelmingly by individual candidates in their respective constituencies. The growing clout of political consulting firms in election campaigns raises an important question regarding the changing role of political parties in India and their relationship with political consultants. It also raises some interesting puzzles.