We live in a very complex world today because there is no scope left to see things in isolation. Everything is connected especially in the field of politics. Therefore the leader is not able to deal with it because they have other governance issues to deal. The PR organisation help leader to focus on governance issues that would connect them with larger section of audience. For which PR have played larger role because they have the technique ideas - skilled force that help them to collect the content from ground so that right message would be delivered from the audience. This exercise is not a easy task because it requires a lot of time, patience, skill and technique that's why the role of PR organisation is became important nowadays. The main work of PR agencies is to design the modules of election campaign through which the campaign will be going. The modules are basically the work strategies of election campaign. It will design with the realm of time, human and financial resources, digital and ground tools, geography, voter pattern, previous election statics etc. In the case of India, which is a vast nation with variety of differences in terms of community, caste, class, religion and language etc.

To understand the very aspect of emotions, situation of the public in detailed way. We need to focus the behavior pattern of voters for that survey, ground research and become important. Then the role of PR agencies become crucial because it gives accurate and authentic content that will further help the leaders to penetrate their messages (that collected from public) on the ground. After the understanding of right message, the another focus is to design a narrative. The elections are the game of narratives and perceptions. Therefore to built the perception of leader as the great and helpful, the selection of tools become very important for doing this.

The PR agencies have psychological tendency because they know the meaning of narrative and how to build them. They mostly prefer visual posters - graphics, videos and digital content because they could make strong narrative due to wider- effective reachable nature. In a largest democracy of world with around 1.30 billion population, the effective use of data is become important. It's a very scientific process. Also, it's important to understand the statistical inquiry of particular given area then after the micro planing will be form. Therefore the idea of data science is getting popular where PR agencies have play the larger role. Because they have the skill full workforce who have the knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. Sometime the leader don't loose election by the weak message and narrative but due to lack of management. Which includes human resource, financial resource and voter management. Here the value of PR agencies is getting higher because they have vast experience of management. The main reason behind the failure of management is the lack of communication. The PR agencies built a feedback mechanism channel within the organisation and leader supporters. Which work on down - top model. Through all these processes the PR agencies will design the political campaign for a leader/party. Throughout all these process the key element is communication. In a simple way, the fundamental foundation of PR agency is communication. Due to diversified nature of this country, the communication is also getting diversified. That's the reason behind the success and popularity of PR agencies nowadays.