For any developing country, education is considered a significant element, it can play an important role in both human development or mechanical development. But when it comes to politicians in a country like India is it really necessary? As politicians are the people who make important decisions and are chosen to govern our country, don't you think Politicians should be people with high education because many leadership attributes are gained through education?

Leaders with no education cannot cope up with the change hence it can impede country development. Education is essential for a leader, For the country’s brilliant future and prosperity. Education nowadays is the crucial need of a person, But yes, It should not be stabilized till a certain level. Other qualities than education A leader should have is maturity, experience, kindness And should understand people's feelings, Thinking, Vision. It all comes from education itself and our moral life.

History Of India in the field of education
No doubt India is the biggest democracy in the world and its achievement cannot be deemed to rely first on the educational qualification of its leaders or politicians.But It's only education that gives a human being the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, good or bad.

India has a history of highly educated leaders since the time of independence but the significance and the pivotal role of education in the decision making leadership and as a power to run a country has disappeared desirable to make a minimum educational qualification can be executed so that our leaders are prepared with the ability to appreciate various issues with our sighted vision.

India is undergoing various challenges involving economic development, infrastructure, health and Hygiene, poverty, unemployment etc but the reason behind loss in the elimination of these depravities is corruption that is prevalent in our country because political power converges with economic power.

What role does a citizen play?
In a country like India, where people elect their leaders through a voting system based on caste, power, money and religion, a person who is suitably educated can assess the whole procedure and can judge the other minister’s potential too.

Though intelligence has more prominence over education, it’s the education that can boost up the knowledge of an individual.

A well-educated human is supposed to be an aid for the development of the country. Whereas the leaders of the human help are ill literate then there are heavy chances of no proper guidelines for human resource. Uneducated politicians may misuse their power and despite thinking for development, they will get themselves involved in criminal activities and use power for their profitability would not bother with citizens' deficiency and problems.

The government is initiating many policies to remove illiteracy from our country. But If the leaders are illiterate, there is no use to make All citizens literate. A corruption-free effort will come only from a well-educated leader. Education is an attainable and most significant factor in our current world scenario. We look upon the politician as an able person who can lead the way and make reasonable and appropriate decisions. But if the politicians do not have proper academic knowledge what impact will have at the local or national or international level.